Here At Mismo, we believe in a simple philosophy:                          Get One. Give one. - GOGO

Get One. Give One

For every t-shirt we sell, we will donate a school uniform to a child in need. So when you purchase your Mismo t-shirt, you 'Get One' and we 'Give One.'

For many of the 400 million children in this world that live in extreme poverty, access to an education can be the most important factor in their life. Not only do schools teach these children the knowledge and skills to shape their future, they also offer a safe haven from the extreme poverty they experience in their home lives. Extreme poverty is defined as living on less than $1.25 and in the countries we operate in, it is a requirement that students wear a school uniform. This can lead to families having to make the impossible decision of choosing between sending their children to school and feeding their family.

By purchasing a Mismo t-shirt, you are giving children across the world a helping hand in their fight against poverty


When you purchase a Mismo shirt, you are not just giving a school uniform. Every uniform we donate is made by local seamstresses or local businesses, creating jobs and encouraging local communities to thrive.

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