"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take"

Our Mission

Mismo (Spanish translation of 'same') 

At Mismo Clothing, we believe that every person on this planet deserves the same opportunities. The GOGO (Get One Give One) Effect removes barriers to education, promotes sustainable development and provides our customers with high quality products.

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Our Story

Mismo was created by John Hallam and Alexis Menias who had the opportunity to go to Peru in September 2013 on a TOMS Giving Trip. After this eye opening trip, both John and Alexis decided that they needed to do something to make a difference in these kids’ lives. After much thought and deliberation they decided to start their own fashion, Mismo. The idea came together after learning about how many children will not get an education due to their lack of school supplies and school uniforms. Thus the idea of selling a t-shirt to fund a school uniform for a child in need was born. - Get One. Give One.

Meet The Team

John Hallam

“My ambition in life has always been to start my own business but I never knew what kind of business that should be. After taking part in the TOMS giving trip to Peru I was inspired to see the amazing effect that social enterprises can have so I set out to create my very own social enterprise with the aim of providing school uniforms to children in need. I love the idea that our customers can get the t-shirt they want and at the same time give a gift that the children need."

Alexis Menias

“I’ve always felt the need to give back and be a part of something greater than myself. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do or how to go about doing it. In the United States I’ve noticed that we have a lot of things available that we take for granted, like education. By buying a shirt you give a child something they deserve.”

Here At Mismo, we believe in a simple philosophy:                    

Get One. Give One. - GOGO

For every t-shirt we sell, we will donate a school uniform to a child in need. So when you purchase your Mismo t-shirt, you 'Get One' and we 'Give One.'

For many of the 400 million children in this world that live in extreme poverty, access to an education can be the most important factor in their life. Not only do schools teach these children the knowledge and skills to shape their future, they also offer a safe haven from the extreme poverty they experience in their home lives. Extreme poverty is defined as living on less than $1.25 and in the countries we operate in, it is a requirement that students wear a school uniform. This can lead to families having to make the impossible decision of choosing between sending their children to school and feeding their family.

By purchasing a Mismo t-shirt, you are giving children across the world a helping hand in their fight against poverty


When you purchase a Mismo shirt, you are not just giving a school uniform. Every uniform we donate is made by local seamstresses or local businesses, creating jobs and encouraging local communities to thrive.

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